Being an ISO 9001:2000 and BIS approved organization, we are totally committed to provide a range of high performing cables and wires to clients. The continuous, dedicated and innovative efforts of our company has helped us in t meeting the highest expectations of clients in the best possible manner. We follow a certain quality policy, which further defines our work process very well. Quality Policy We, at Shaniya Cbales are committed to provide a reliable and customer required product at competitive prices to meet client's satisfaction.We shall achieve this through continual improvement in effectiveness of quality management system. Quality Control System We follow certain quality control system, where every product undergo various test sessions before it is finally packed and dispatched at clients end. Some of the steps involved in our quality process include : Tests At Raw Material Stage Shania cables are manufactured from quality raw materials, which are strictly tested in our laboratory on following basis :
  • Aluminum/ copper wire â We test the aluminum and copper wire for their conductor resistance, wire diameter, tensile strength, elongation and shrinkage test.
  • PVC compound â These compounds are tested for density, tensile strength elongation at break, volume resistivity and shrinkage test.
Production Shop Preventive Test â Process Inspection We conduct process control tests at every stage of manufacturing in order to remove any sort of defects from the products :
  • Conductor Stranding â We take care of the dimensions, surface and shape of conductor, lat and direction of lay, D.C resistance and number of wires.
  • Insulation â Dimensions of the core, thickness of insulation, surface finish, spark test, shrinkage test and I.R tests, concentricity are tested at this stage.
  • Laying â We check the sequence of cores, direction of laying up and lay, circularity of cable, diameter over laid up cores in this segment.
  • Outer Sheath â When it comes to detection of outer sheath, we conduct test for thickness, concentricity, diameter over sheath, surface finish and embossing with outer requisite information on outer sheath.
Finishes Cable Tests We have a well equipped laboratory with the state-of-the-art instruments. All the routing acceptance and relevant specifications and testing schemes are held as per S: 694-1990 with latest amendments.

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